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  • Industry examples and templates to help you develop everything from compelling brand stories and media kits to robust media contact databases

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Lilian Sue

Lilian is a long-time publicist and PR coach with nearly a decade of experience, dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurs with the right tools & resources to build their own PR campaigns. Seeing her clients have the confidence to bust past mindset blocks to become industry leaders & achieve their goals is why Lilian loves doing what she does.

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What Clients Have Said About Working With Lilian

I Definitely Encourage Anyone with Marketing and PR Questions to Connect with Lilian


I recently did Lilian's 1:1 PR Coaching program to prepare for launching my podcast coaching program. It was a fantastic experience. Lilian was able to break down public relations and marketing methods in ways that made them much easier to understand, I really appreciated that. She was available to answer my questions and provide support.

We couldn’t have asked for better support of our film and we can't wait to work with her again!

Kevin & Jennifer

Lilian is the best! She was the Unit Publicist for our horror short film, Heartless, which screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide. During our tour with the film, she utilized her seemingly endless contacts in the horror world to arrange countless interviews, podcasts, and online reviews for us. It was a great campaign!

Lilian not only provides you with support, she also has your back.


I have enjoyed working with Lilian on the release of our horror short film, The Whistler. Our film traveled the film festival circuit, and Lillian provided PR for a number of the festivals and film events such as the San Diego Comic-Con, Blood in the Snow Horror Film Festival, and the New York City Horror Film Festival. Lilian also provided PR services to announce the release of our short film on the VOD platform, SHUDDER. Lillian was able to get us to press via online horror and film news platforms and podcasts.
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