What's Included in the Masterclass

  • Masterclass Presentation

    The official masterclass presentation on why positioning is vital to a successful PR strategy and how to create a solid one

  • Complete Slides

    The included slides to help you follow along with the presentation and make notes along the way.

  • In-Depth Templates & Resources

    Comprehensive templates and resources to help you brainstorm, organize and research to put together a complete strategy

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Positioning Gameplan Presentation

    • The Positioning Gameplan Masterclass Presentation

    • How to Brainstorm Your Goals

    • Developing Your Compelling Story

    • How to Find Industry Leaders

Your PR Coach

Publicity Coach

Lilian Sue

Lilian is a long-time publicist and PR coach with nearly a decade of experience, dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurs with the right tools & resources to build their own PR campaigns. Seeing her clients have the confidence to bust past mindset blocks to become industry leaders & achieve their goals is why Lilian loves doing what she does.

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