Struggling to Build a PR Strategy?

Eliminate the headaches and discover how to tailor campaigns to meet your goals

You've taken the free webinars, read blogs and even looked into other courses. But you haven't found a solution that will help you tailor a PR strategy for your specific needs, genre & industry.

I'm here to help. With this course, designed specifically for authors, creative entrepreneurs and small business owners like you, you'll learn how to develop the building blocks of a successful PR campaign, from brainstorming your brand story to creating a robust media contact database and acing interviews-all with personalized support & guidance. In The Attraction Blueprint, you'll learn how to:

  • How to brainstorm a compelling brand story
  • How to develop an engaging project story
  • How to create an exciting media kit
  • The ways to conduct media contact research that will save time & energy
  • How to ace media interviews
  • ...And more!

    This course is absolutely jam-packed full of videos, quizzes, templates, resources and 1:1 personalized coaching calls that will help you build a successful PR strategy that will help you gain international recognition, increase sales, build a reputation as a global industry leader and attract attention from key brands, distributors, investors and publishers you want to work with!

    With the new 2024 update, you'll also learn how to:

  • How to brainstorm a solid position and concrete goals for your campaign using the OKR method
  • Harness the power of a strong PR mindset by building the healthy coping mechanisms you need to push past limiting beliefs
  • Specific tips, tricks and strategies on how to pitch a wide variety of platforms from podcasts to conferences for speaking engagements
  • How to practice, and prepare for interviews, no matter the platform, including tips on how to handle difficult questions!
  • Included in the Course

    • Videos

      Over 3+ hours of video content, including in-depth walkthroughs and slideshows

    • Templates and Resources

      20+ templates, quizzes and resources to help enhance your learning

    • 1:1 Coaching Calls

      Five 1:1 coaching calls to provide personalized support & guidance, answer your burning PR questions & bust past mindset blocks

    Course Outline


    • 2

      What Is Public Relations & Why Is it Important?

    • 3

      Are You Ready For PR?

    • 4

      Brainstorming Your Brand Story

      • Why Is a Brand Story Important?

      • What Is a Brand Story?

      • Go Deeper With Your Brand Story

    • 5

      How to Create Your Project Story

      • What is a Project Story & Why Is It Important

      • What is a Project Story

      • Exploring Your Project Story

    • 6

      Building a Kick-Ass Media Kit

      • What Is a Media Kit?

      • How to Make Your Media Kit Stand Out

    • 7

      How to Find the Right People to Build Your Media Contact Database

      • Why You Should Build a Media List

      • Building a Media Research Framework

      • What Is a Media Contact Database

      • Media Contact Research Tools & Platforms: Podcast Guest Collaboration Community

      • Media Contact Research Tools & Platforms: RocketReach

      • Media Contact Research Tools & Platforms:

      • Other Media Contact Research Tools to Consider: Meltwater

      • Other Media Contact Research Tools to Consider: MuckRack

    • 8

      How to Ace Your Story Pitches

      • Building The Framework for Great Story Pitches

      • Writing a Great Story Pitch

      • Media Pitching Knowledge Quiz

    • 9

      Managing Media Relations

      • What Is Media Relations?

      • Media Relations Knowledge Quiz

    • 10

      How to Interview Like a Boss

      • Gaining Confidence for Interviews Through Preparation & Practice

    • 11

      Capture Your Press Coverage Through Media Monitoring

      • Media Monitoring Tools: TweetDeck

      • Media Monitoring Tools: Mention

      • Media Monitoring Tools: Critical Mention

    • 12

      Re-Purpose Your Press Coverage to Extend The Life of Your Campaign

      • Why You Should Extend the Life of Your Press Coverage

      • Re-Purposing Press Coverage Quiz

      • Ideas on How to Repurpose Press Coverage

    Your PR Coach

    Publicity Coach

    Lilian Sue

    Lilian is a long-time publicist and PR coach with nearly a decade of experience, dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurs with the right tools & resources to build their own PR campaigns. Seeing her clients have the confidence to bust past mindset blocks to become industry leaders & achieve their goals is why Lilian loves doing what she does.

    Have questions about the course? Need a payment plan? Send her an email!


    Hear what clients have to say about working with Lilian

    Lilian is always available to answer my questions and actively supports her clients


    Lilian is always available to answer my questions and actively supports her clients. Due to her PR coaching, I was able to successfully market and launch my first podcast masterclass.

    I’ll also be using her templates and advice for the launch of my upcoming podcast coaching program.

    I absolutely recommend Lilian’s 1:1 PR coaching program. I would also encourage anyone with marketing or media questions to reach out to Lilian as she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

    Lilian is the best! We can’t wait to work with her again!


    Lilian is the best! She was the Unit Publicist for our horror short film, Heartless, which screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide.

    During our tour with the film, she utilized her seemingly endless contacts in the horror world to arrange countless interviews, podcasts, and online reviews for us. We couldn't ask for better support for our film!

    I highly recommend Lilian for her PR services for independent film; I look forward to working with her again.


    I have enjoyed working with Lillian Sue on the release of our horror short film, The Whistler. During the festival circuit, Lilian provided PR for a number of festivals and events including Blood in the Snow and San Diego Comic Con. She also provided PR services for the film's distribution on SHUDDER, leading to numerous interviews and reviews.

    I was particularly pleased with her communication, perseverance, and enthusiasm. Lilian was on top of interview requests, kept me up to date, and was available 24/7. Lilian does not only provide the support you need to help your film stand out, but she also has your back.

    A Fantastic Coaching Experience!


    Lilian is very generous with her time and understands the creative mindset. She gave me concrete advice and specific suggestions for where to pitch and promote my story. So glad to have had the experience!